Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aaaarrrrrrrr!!! Seaspray!!!!!

No, I don't need my chimney swept...

Almost a rainy day session at the Supreme bowl.

Rainy day sesh at the Vans park in the OC

French, wallride

Sam, 5-0 round the corner


French and Sam found this full pipe right by their hotel in Culver City. We dried it up the day after the rains and then they skated it the next day.

...Don't know why it looks like she's drinking weed...

The whole reason French came out was to do Scion's "Installation 6" which was a video he did with his mate Allan Glass. These are from the interviews they did about their piece.

Sam's got a wicked elbow...

No. A all day!!!!

French, front rock


So this visit from French was really good. I don't have a full time job at the moment so we actually got to hang out a lot and skate loads too. The first few days he was here it was still the tail end of the LA 'winter' hurricane so we had to find some indoor shredding. The Vans park is amazing and huge but tooooonnnsss of kids - especially on a rainy day. Their 80ft mini ramp saved the day though, that thing is mental - and we saw Christian Hosoi so it ended up being well worth the 12$, hr. and a half drive, and kiddie fest.
The gallery opening was rad as usual and the after party at Mandrake was super fun again. French's friend Sam that came over with him is a dancin machine and a rad guy at that. Once LA finally dried up we went on a mini so-cal skatepark tour and went to the Culver City park, Highland Park, South Pasadena, Glendale, Chino and Belvedere.
French and Sam went down to San Diego for a couple days and skated more and wrecked their rental car and then came back for more LA fun. Saturday we all went out for my birthday to Stout (best burger ever) and then piano bar. It was a good send off for them and we all ended up getting super wasted, going to some crazy weird after party and then waking up Bobby's girlfriend at 4 am to smoke out of her bong which I hadn't done in about 2 years and definitely put me and the rest of us over the edge - luckily she lives right by me!
I love it that French gets to come out here so often and I can't wait to see him and everyone at our wedding!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Must Be LA

Went to see the GZA last night at the echoplex (super small venue in Silverlake), out of no where RZA pops out - EPIC! Then today I'm skating (sooooo California) through our neighborhood grocery parking lot and almost run into Vince Vaughn, and then on the way home from a little shred down the street I see there's a fire ON THE FREEWAY! This must be LA...