Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kern River

We took a two day Whitewater rafting trip down the Kern river up by Bakersfield CA a couple weekends ago. It was awesome to get out of the city and reminded me of Kansas a little. The river was pretty gnarly in some spots but as 'novice's' we were only allowed to do class 4 rapids. The best was the whirlpool where the 1st try I got thrown out the boat in like 20 seconds and spin cycled under it Sonic The Hedgehog style; second try, kinda weak, only lost a couple peeps; third try, me and the guide Javi, rode the boat (for what felt like 2 hrs.)like a mechanical bull after everyone got pitched over the side.
They had pit stops set up for lunch the first day, camping that night, and lunch the next day and all the food was amazing (for being on a river).
I/we, highly recommend
(Actual whitewater pics to come...)

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