Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspiration From Weird Places

Stemming from 1800's workwear, denim has pretty much been established as a mandatory in everyones closet. In order to be ahead of all the other 409580398509820 million companies out there producing denim I have to take inspiration from strange places some times. Reverting back to denim's roots for ideas usually provides a few answers. Back then it was strictly a functional necessity for certain jobs, mainly blue-collar (the term comes from the workers wearing blue denim shirts and cover-alls that withstood the elements), and considered low-brow in common society as everyday wear.
The turn of the century newsies had that laid back, ruffled, don't give a fuck style that always turns up in menswear today, thus, my inspiration for today.

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Anonymous said...

the newsboy look is underrated

style son!