Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chinese Acupuncture (Aka, crop circles)

So we go to this one Sauna in Guangzhou every time we're there. They treat you like a KING! free drinks, cigarettes, food, your own lazy boy with built in t.v., manicure, peticure, ear cleaning, neck massage and then an hour long full body massage - all for about $50 U.S. So I always get a swedish/japanese full body which is softer and more relaxing than  having your muscles beaten to a pulp (even if it does feel better in a couple days it sucks at the time!). There is an additional technique that we call "hot rocks" where they take smooth flat rocks, heat them up, and place them on pressure points on your back - ITS FUCKING AMAZING!! So of course I asked for this this time and the hostess was all, "oh yees yees, vely good massagy", so I thought she knew what I meant - NOPE. Instead I got suction cupping where she takes round glass cups that have a wick in them, lights it on fire, puts it on your back and then blows out the flame creating a vacuum that sucks up your skin/muscle. So I'm expecting these soothing hot rocks and instead she puts these glass balls all over me and it feels like all the skin on me is being sucked to my back into these little bottles! So I think, alright, I've heard of this before, its supposed to be really good for you, I'll just go with it. The pain got so bad that I started freaking out and pulling them all off me while the girl is looking at me like I'm crazy!! 

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