Tuesday, April 7, 2009


'Dre hookin it up in the Benzo.
Jeremy, stoked on some Monarchy leathers.

Hands of God studio.

Up in the booth.
Ledges for days!!

J-Dubb working the circular? pool table.

Funnest thing EVER.

Years of Dyrdek boards.


Sketch-ass troll bridge to the zip line.

Thats right, no harness.

Soooooo, turns out, Andres from FiveFour is boys with Rob Dyrdeks manager Jeremy. Needless to say, I flipped when I found out and Immediatly asked when we could go to the F.F.
Luckily he was doing one of his "Look of the Week" shoots with Jeremy today so I got to tag-along with him and J-Dubb. All I can say is EPIC, truly F'ing EPIC. 

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