Monday, March 2, 2009

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Din Tai Fung - bomb dumplings!!
Shiny Toy Guns

Just finished one of the best weekends in a long time. It started off kind of ominously with a really bad show at Avalon that we thought was gonna be super good. South Rakkas Crew played with Princess Superstar, buuuuuuuuut... 1) it was all ages, 2) Princess Superstar just played CD's and sang along and yelled weird shit, 3) South Rakkas didn't play ANYTHING that they normally do - it was all Justice and Daft Punk. But we had super VIP status (as if thats anything at Avalon) so we still made the best of it.
The real awesomeness began Sat. when we went to Mt. High with Yosh and Teen. I haven't seen Yosh for about 8 years and he just moved to LA so that was rad. The conditions were actually not bad for being 60 and sunny so we ended up having lots of fun. Then on the way home we got to talking about where to eat and all the amazing places Yosh would eat at in Japan (he lived there for 7 yrs.) and somehow Din Tai Fung came to mind (most amazing dumplings ever!), turns out Yosh has been looking for it/craving since he moved here! 
After a great dinner we went home, changed, and went straight to our friend Sisely's band's "secret show" at some studio in Echo Park. She signed on to sing with Shiny Toy Guns this past year which is rad cause I've been into them for a while now. The show sounded AMAZING, like better than album quality (it was in a studio for 'crissake) so we're glad we went. 
Sunday we got to sleep in, went to Beverly Center got some jeans and then Pho Siam for the perfect Thai massage. Its the best! They stretch you out, oil you up, rub you down, and beat you up, and you feel sooooo good after!
Then had a pretty good meeting about the store and budgeting for it and let beans run around with Chantlo and The Cats.

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