Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Safe Spot, Skate Spot" Lafayette Park, LA

Rob Dyrdek and the DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation have announced that they are opening the Safe Spot, Skate Spot at Lafayette Park in Los Angeles at the end of this month.

Safe Spot, Skate Spot is really dope program that helps cities create legal, cost efficient skate spots that complement the city’s pre existing urban landscape. For the Lafayette skate spot Dyrdek worked with both Newline Skate Parks and California Skate Parks to hook up over 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain complete with ledges, benches and stairs. Interestingly, Carl’s Jr hamburgers put up the money for the spot, hopefully to offset at least a few of the millions of fat grams they put into kids everyday, right?

Opened yesterday, check here for video. Now ima go skate it!!!!!!

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