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"Safe Spot, Skate Spot" Lafayette Park, LA - UPDATE

Soooooo technically the park isn't open per say. They're still doing landscaping so they let people skate for a little bit then kick you out. Bummer....

"Safe Spot, Skate Spot" Lafayette Park, LA

Rob Dyrdek and the DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation have announced that they are opening the Safe Spot, Skate Spot at Lafayette Park in Los Angeles at the end of this month.

Safe Spot, Skate Spot is really dope program that helps cities create legal, cost efficient skate spots that complement the city’s pre existing urban landscape. For the Lafayette skate spot Dyrdek worked with both Newline Skate Parks and California Skate Parks to hook up over 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain complete with ledges, benches and stairs. Interestingly, Carl’s Jr hamburgers put up the money for the spot, hopefully to offset at least a few of the millions of fat grams they put into kids everyday, right?

Opened yesterday, check here for video. Now ima go skate it!!!!!!

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More Press...

mens rag

Beans is half the man he used to be

Beans got the snip snip yesterday. It's been a long time coming but I really don't think it'll slow him down at all, hopefully he'll just stop humping everything he sees (aka Alana). I brought him back to work after picking him up from the vet and he was a little down so I thought maybe a photo shoot would cheer him up.....didn't work. He's pretty much back at full steam now though, we'll see how much the testosterone deficit affects him.

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Me on Stylesight



"The Economy" in its current state is sure to weed out some of the lower end/crappy/cheesey brands but I hope it doesn't carry over into labels that are actually pushing the limits and creating amazing clothes - as is the case for (N)umber (N)ine one of my favorite brands to look at for inspiration.

Is it the recesion?

Japanese Fashion label Number (N)ine delivered some bad news to the people at hint. The letter the received went as followed:

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” You guessed it: the Tokyo-based, Paris-showing men’s label launched 12 years ago by Takahiro Miyashita is closing. The fall ‘09 collection—portentously called A Closed Feeling—was the last. Miyashita will exit the group, which has already begun disbanding, and “the brand as we know it will come to an end.” The letter goes on to say “Over the last decade, Number (N)ine evolved, always forging ahead with a unique and potent vision, to emerge as one of the leading brands of Japan.”

Number (N)ine Is Closing down. Yep, that’s all folks.

They will be missed.- mensrag

KZO multi-shirt

The collaborations between KZO and Unholy Matrimony’s Brett Westfall is back again for spring 2009 and Blackbird has a few of the pieces up and ready to purchase. One of the more interesting pieces is the KZO Bretto Cotton Flannel “hobo Bag” Shirt.

Its a shirt. Its a bag. Any questions? - mens rag

The new first class...

Wallpaper* reports in on the latest in in flight luxury from Swiss Air. “when we were asked to take a peek at Swiss Air’s newly designed first class suite, we had high hopes for the Alpine air maestros… What we did not expect, however, was the well-lit, spaciously fitted, techno wonderland that we encountered. Clean lines, white paneling and waffle pine detailing all add to the sense of comforting costliness that wafts around the cabin.”

Noir Basic A/W 09 preview

I’ll put it right out there: white ceramic masks freak me out. Noir Basic’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection of leather jackets and hoodies is presented with models wearing white masks. I personally think they could have done without them, but I’ll overlook it because the quality of their garbs deserves some attention. Their finished products are high detail and high quality wears. They’re French made using premium leathers, lambskin, silk, and sterling silver to finish off the details. The suede trim hoodie in grey is simply great as is their lambskin hoodie. Great products, bad masks. Noir Basic Paris. - Selectism

Rick Owens funnel leather jacket

An interesting new leather jacket is coming from Rick Owens. The Funnell Leather Jacket has a short fit and a black/white fading on the upper. We enjoy most the collar on the jacket, which gives it a completely different look from what you are used to see out there. - Selectism

Diet Butcher Slim Skin leather jkts

Dope re-vamped biker jackets.

Although their high tops get all the attention, the other pieces of Diet Butcher Slim Skin’s collection is pretty covetable as well. Take these leather jackets for instance. They have a definite Rick Owens-esque quality about them but the colours immediately making them something Owens himself would never design. The jacket is slim-fit and silk lined, making them more appropriate for the early days of spring. - Selectism

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Vegas. Project.

Fischer and some Japanese dudes.The Guild hospitality suite
Best salad EVER. China Grill
We had our bi-annual trade show "Project" this week, so right after New York we turned around and drove to Vegas. It's always fun though - tons of friends and TONS of drinks. My friend Jason Fischer started his own show called the Guild at Palms Place. All the lines showing there are super good and the hotel itself is pretty rad. Then it was back to Mandalay for dinner at China Grill for the best caesar salad I've ever had in my life - my mom will attest to that.

Cheech and Chong in Monarchy

Monarchy Army Jackets from like 4 years ago.

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Some reviews....

Teen Vogue: Jenifer Love Hewitt Blog at

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week site:
Second City Style:
New York Post:
Over all the reviews have been pretty good, which is awesome for our first New York showing. NY editors can be evil little devils too so even the less positive reviews are still good.

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NY pt. 4 Finale

Run of show board

Lighting test.
KY step-and-repeat

Ian testing the "his and hers" KY (his and his in this case)

Hair and makeup

1 minute till....
Some of my favorites.

See more pics and video here.

R.I.P. Ksubi Shades.... :(:(:(:(:(

I got them in Hong Kong and you can't find them ANYWHERE! Even the Ksubi sales rep was surprised I had them. Lost in the abyss of New York........

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NY pt. 3

Best magazine store EVER
Bryant park

sponsored by Mattel

Dope collar detail on Walts jkt
If you could see anymore than this you'd throw up

Opening Ceremony Did the walk through of Bryant Park to get an idea of what we are working with. The show is sponsored by Mattel so the theme is Barbie, all the designers are doing a barbie themed look (except us). Went to Around The World - a magazine store in Bryant Park but we gotta go back tomorrow cuz we need like an hour and a couple hundy's.