Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Formal

Sooooo, we were bored Saturday night, and after learning that the high school down the street from us was having their winter formal, we decided to crash it. Alana dusted off her quincenera dress and  I cleared the cobwebs from the 'ol Bar-mitzvah uniform and we proceeded to crash a perfectly good and wholesome teenage right of passage.....

....Just kidding, our friend from dodgeball  Anne Lee Huffman had the Blow Up LA Winter Formal at some warehouse downtown. Pretty fun - the door to the bathroom broke, a ton of cholos were there thinking that it was some other party, some dude asked me if his girlfriend could make out with me (WTF?!?!), and we were like the only ones dressed up even though the flier said dress code strictly enforced!

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