Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stephen Balleux

Composed of paintings, 3D animated videos, sculptures, my whole body of work is articulated around pictorial perception and the conceptual idea of painting, organized in what i call “the paintingpainting project“.
According to a syncretic or syneasthesic logic, I apply the characteristics of Painting to the different media, like a virus, in order to enhance one or several components and get a global vision which we could label « expanded painting ». In a reversed perspective, I apply to painting other media’s components, borrowing, for instance, from photography its quality of focus, blur and texture. I also borrow from computer imagery a precise mastering of the whole image (Gaussian blur, movement blur, scale, contrast and colour changes, etc.). Videos play on the idea of pictorial process and the macroscopic approach of a painting’s vision, or are integrated into a performance’s time and movement.
Plastic results are voluntary hybrid, each piece composed of characteristics coming from different media which creates ambiguity as far as the object itself is concerned: one watches a video but it’s painting in movement he sees; one contemplates a painting but it looks like a computer-remade photography.
Connections between the media are established and banish the differences. Getting away from painting by implanting it to other media. Staying within the object “painting” by experiencing its supposed characteristics. By accumulating proposals, paradoxes and ambiguities become masters of the game. - Stephen Balleux

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