Monday, January 5, 2009


Bad sweater party preemptive...

gearin up......climbin up.

Shred break.
The epic shred sled, post gnardestruction
summit of steamboat- rocky mtns. Mother nature opening up for us :)
hiking up to the ice climb. center top is the waterfall we climbed.
Hyphy Wifey/ NTRN3KI love the Holidays and I love Snowboarding. I got to experience both again this year in Lawrence, Ks (hometown) and Steamboat Springs, CO.  Its always good to go back home, especially the older I get - I can appreciate it way more. I love Lawrence and will always have a place in my heart for it. There is definitely no other place like it- especially in Kansas. Luckily all my family was able to come back as well this year so we had good time.
Part 2 after Christmas was in Steamboat. We got to drive out there which is something I used to do every year growing up so it was good to re-live some memories on the drive through Kansas and Colorado. We (my family) met up with Alana's family and shared a house together. With the potential to be awkward and weird it went really well and we all had a great time!
We got to shred some amazing snow in Steamboat that left us needing more.  Also climbed an ice waterfall which was definately a first for everyone - I highly recommend it!
The vaca was definitely needed but its good to be back.

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