Friday, January 30, 2009

Recession shmeshmession!!

This is an everything must go kinda thing so theres gonna be suuuuuuuper cheap stuff and lots of it!!!

Blind Man's Colour

Pretty stoked on these guys. From St. Petersburg Fl. which is where my mom is form too :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Pitti Uomo brought our first views of the Autum/Winter 2009 footwear collection from Kris Van Assche. The Belgian designer has produced more than 30 new styles for collection, with silhouettes ranging from military inspired boots to hi-top sneakers. Mr. Assche is taking full advantage of his new relationship with Italy’s Manifattura Ferrarese, known for their production and distribution work for many of LVMH’s men’s footwear lines. Clearly the relationship is yielding strong results for Autumn/Winter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunchtime Shred

So for the past two weeks me, Dax, and Jed have been skating Belvedere, which is a park by our office, on our lunch break. Its a great park and its not monitored so you don't need pads or have to pay. Good for the 'ol bag-o-bones.

Victorinox Anniversary

Victorinox 125th anniversary Jubilee Edition. They have produced two chronographs for their anniversary. The first is the Jubilee Edition shown above which will be available to the masses in normal quantities. A second “Limited Edition” model with a red face will be available in 125 pieces. The Limited Edition is pretty sick. Both are housed in a 44mm casing and are water resistant down to 100 meters. Classic looks from Victorinox. (via timezone)

Alexander Mcqueen Pre-Fall 09'

I usually don't get to stoked on womens wear, but this collection is truly amazing. The colors, the lines, the concept - exceptional.

Winter Formal

Sooooo, we were bored Saturday night, and after learning that the high school down the street from us was having their winter formal, we decided to crash it. Alana dusted off her quincenera dress and  I cleared the cobwebs from the 'ol Bar-mitzvah uniform and we proceeded to crash a perfectly good and wholesome teenage right of passage.....

....Just kidding, our friend from dodgeball  Anne Lee Huffman had the Blow Up LA Winter Formal at some warehouse downtown. Pretty fun - the door to the bathroom broke, a ton of cholos were there thinking that it was some other party, some dude asked me if his girlfriend could make out with me (WTF?!?!), and we were like the only ones dressed up even though the flier said dress code strictly enforced!


The Ato Cow Hide boot comes this Spring/Summer 2009 season in a new colorway.

This Spring/Summer 2009 the sneaker comes in a new grey/yellow/orange/blue colorway. It is now available at Revolution.

Monday, January 26, 2009

High Ollie Contest

42" Thats almost up to your belly button!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Deerman Cometh

This is a new board graphic by French for Heroin Skateboards. I love it and asked French where I could get one, turns out our friend Fos was gonna be in the states doing some stuff for Altamont, Heroin, and Landscape and was bringing one with him. Met up with Fos for a cuppa at swingers and picked up some rad landscape wheels as well - thanks Fos!!!
Thats right lads, I gots the only one in America! Big thanks to French and Fos! Good on ye!