Friday, November 7, 2008

Esquire House

Live sets by some chick and one of the dudes from the Eurythmics (he played a new version of sweet dreams)supposedly 5 min. a day is all you need to get fit. $60k!!!!

definitely need a 4 ft triceratops head in MY living room.s

And with a live report from the mean streets of Bel Air....Mrs. Alana Lobit (Vormehr)

Every room opened up like this, but this takes the cake. Second story bathtub, two walls open for a view of all of LA

Lots a suits.

Epic dual push button shower

hand blown glass chandelier. The people at Esquire magazine rent out this mansion in the hills of Bel Air and throw parties every couple weeks. Amazing food, Endless liquor, and live acts. Will.I.Am was there getting some award along with some industry suits. The house is amazing though. Someday........sigh*

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