Monday, September 29, 2008

Debacle at St. Anna

We saw this last night, and man the trailers made it look soooo much better! I'll give Spike credit for trying, but come on!
"Lee’s first goal is celebrating the courage displayed and sacrifices made by black soldiers during World War II. He spotlights the inner turmoil they faced realizing America hadn’t yet addressed its own social inequities, but was fighting for the freedom of those in other nations.
The second issue explores the internal chaos Italy suffered under first a fascist government, then the clashes between the Nazi and Allied forces.
Finally, there are the ramifications of war, and the impact of its continuing brutality and destruction on everyone, from participants to innocents." - The City Paper
It was a lot to try and fit in one movie, and that showed (running time 2:40!). The characters as well as each situation were all hyper-dramatized, and the ending, WTF! 
Anyway, I don't recommend it.

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