Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weird Scientology Shit...

Soooo.... the scientology Celebrity Centre is less than 1/2 block from our new place. Lucky for us the had a "gala event" Friday night for us to marvel at the weirdness. They had their own security, valet, production, "police", everyone involved in this who's who of Scientology was a part of the "church". The best part though was the protestors across the street in full on V For Vendetta masks with all sorts of anti-sci-weird-ology literature. Apparently these were homophobic protesters too cuz a lot of it related scientology to gay-ness (hence the John Travolta shirt). I kinda wish we would have stuck around to see what went down at such a "gala" but the olympics were on and that would've just been un-american :) 

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