Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project 08'

6a.m. Delerious. Waiting for Project to open the doors so we can dress like 50 mannequins. Awesome.
Dax got a huge Japanese style devil head. Looked suuuuper good. Work by Chris Nunez.

I wanted the bird with a banner with my moms name, and it seemed only right to do it super traditional style, like old sailor kinda look. this picture does it no justice, the colors are amazing and the line work perfect. Work by Ami James.
Just got back from Project Las Vegas, the huge fashion trade show thats twice a year that kind of culminates 6 months of work. This year went really well considering we kinda changed it up a lot by adding a ton more details to every piece, a jewelry line, and a premium line called Monarchy Black. We also got a special treat by way of Miami. We do a line called Deville thats owned by the guys of Miami Ink (tattoo reality show on A&E). So the idea came up to do tattoos at there booth to kinda generate some hype for their line. Luckily, Project would only allow employees of Monarchy or Deville to get tattooed for insurance reasons. So me, Dax, Cibi (mastermind behind Deville), and Glen got to get work done. 

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Your tatt is awesome!