Monday, July 7, 2008


So we went to Vegas for the 3 day weekend of the 4th. It was pretty awesome. We stayed downtown (O.G. Vegas) at the Freemont, which was amazing in itself. Downtown is like a trailer park turned into a carnival, crammed inside a disco ball, beer battered, and then fried. The gambling is cheap and VERY, VERY loose. In one night I had 4 different dealers at two casinos fuck up in my favor......!?!?!,,,WTF!! That shit will never happen on the strip! Our hotel was like the scene in Fear and Loathing where they walk into the casino and everyone is some sort of reptile chain-smoking and cackling like a whiskey drowned hyena - fucking EPIC (the room was actually pretty nice). J-Lo met us saturday and we went to see "O" at belagio which was sweeeeeeeet. We also got to see the world welterweight fight a Planet Hollywood due to monarchy designing the robe and shorts that one of the guys wore. The fight was amazing although prolly the shortest one ever. It lasted 61 seconds!!! More excitement in a shorter amount of time than a virgin on prom night (har har)!! Anyway, good times with my darling and not really any money lost!
Oh, and PS., I blew a tire on the way back which was my first high speed flat, so that was fun......

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You're pretty funny in type.