Friday, June 20, 2008

transworld awards

So we went to the Transworld Skateboarding Awards show/video premiere last friday and as usual it was amazing (the video). The line to get in was brutal (1700 skaters) and if it weren't for my man E. Stricker we would've been screwed. After getting us our invites, he saw that an hour later we still hadn't moved from the same spot in line and ushered us up to the vip red carpet entrance, which, was awesome. Ended up getting a sick coffee table book on some of skateboardings historic and epic moments. The awards show is always a sight to be seen; a bunch of drunk skaters given a microphone and expected to say something monumental about how stoked they are to receive the hardest slam award. Lots of haircuts too, it was like the hipster/skater Vidal Sassoon catalog. The after-party was dj'd by none other than crunky crunkerson himself Lil Jon (YEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH). 
Basically the whole night can be summed up by Richie Jacksons shirt (bottom pic); epic, tragic, fully flared, and a huge party with lots of hair. :)

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