Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr. BanksFaireyWash

The Mr. Brainwash show was the other night at the old CBS studios (just found out that the hollywood real world was filmed there-hahaha). So this guy's stuff is RAD. The whole building was transformed into this guys world of street art, installation, and mimicry. Outside, just inside the gates, the front was transformed into this weird urban alice in wonderland (with minibar) complete with a spray-painted shoe-tree. So theeeeeeeeeennnnn I found out that he's just some rich french dude who was doing a documentary on Banksy and Shepard Fairey and decided that he could do art like that too. Changed everything for me! This dude just combined their styles and claimed it as his own. Not to mention he's rich so he can afford to buy cop cars, 100's of t.v.'s, and enough books and stuffed animals to fill two huge rooms.
He should move to china cuz he's a mo'f'n knock off artist!!!!!

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