Friday, June 27, 2008

Dodgeball season ender party

So sadly enough, the dodgeball season has ended leaving us in a disappointing 4th place. The season was amazing though and super fun. Anyway, Medusa held the festivities of the End'o'season partaaaayyy, complete with awards and free vodka. Pick Up Kids won the championship earning the golden owl of dodgeball wisdom and power, aka, trophy. Alana was pretending to sleep standing up, dirty dave rode the lion to eternity (and Phoenix, AZ), Glen used to be an asian gangster complete with spike top and all, one of the F.A.G.S. (Fun Active Gentlemen Society) won the barely survived the season award, this is the longest sentence ever, Alana and Grace got the team moms award (signed pic of Dom Delouise and Burt Reynolds), and apparently we missed an amazing skittles fight. WW4 was there cheating free drinks, free food, and not getting off the dance floor when they were clearly hit with the ball (ref didn't see it).
Till next season......

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Alana said...

(Pick Up Kids won the championship). Hey look, i'm leaving you a comment!