Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Went to Lawrence this weekend for Nish-Fest 08 (Johns 40th b-day). it was pretty epic got to see Lil-A (flag shorts) gettin crazy, and throw some fireworks into the bonfire which is always fun. Hit up Mass st. for some down home drinkin at Louises, Replay, and Taproom with Indiot.
Skated the Lawrence park (best miniramp ever) and bought a ton of shit from all the shops and restaurants that i miss. Over-all just good to get out of LA and be mellow and drive with the sunroof open at night in the country. Beans loved it too cuz there's grass everywhere! And even though i wanted to see a rad thunderstorm the whole time i was there (I miss those) we didn't get it till we were trying to take off to leave, which delayed us 3 HOURS!

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