Monday, June 30, 2008

China Loot

Copped the new all black Hublot, Bell&Ross Tourbillon Phantom, some Dupont lighters, and Monte Blanc pens. Lavish yo, Lavish.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Denim Style

This is a new denim style that I'm working on. The keyboard is especially good for online gaming, I mean come on, World of Warcraft is soooooooo much better without the hassles of dealing with an "oldschool" keyboard!!! All the stitching is fiber optic cable, its pretty much super future.

Crazy Nigerian Dudes

So I guess these gangsters in Nigeria catch Hyena's and keep them as pets. Yeah, FUCKING HYENA'S!! You know, the crazy things that tear apart anything that remotely resembles food.
Those things are HUGE!!

Dodgeball season ender party

So sadly enough, the dodgeball season has ended leaving us in a disappointing 4th place. The season was amazing though and super fun. Anyway, Medusa held the festivities of the End'o'season partaaaayyy, complete with awards and free vodka. Pick Up Kids won the championship earning the golden owl of dodgeball wisdom and power, aka, trophy. Alana was pretending to sleep standing up, dirty dave rode the lion to eternity (and Phoenix, AZ), Glen used to be an asian gangster complete with spike top and all, one of the F.A.G.S. (Fun Active Gentlemen Society) won the barely survived the season award, this is the longest sentence ever, Alana and Grace got the team moms award (signed pic of Dom Delouise and Burt Reynolds), and apparently we missed an amazing skittles fight. WW4 was there cheating free drinks, free food, and not getting off the dance floor when they were clearly hit with the ball (ref didn't see it).
Till next season......

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr. BanksFaireyWash

The Mr. Brainwash show was the other night at the old CBS studios (just found out that the hollywood real world was filmed there-hahaha). So this guy's stuff is RAD. The whole building was transformed into this guys world of street art, installation, and mimicry. Outside, just inside the gates, the front was transformed into this weird urban alice in wonderland (with minibar) complete with a spray-painted shoe-tree. So theeeeeeeeeennnnn I found out that he's just some rich french dude who was doing a documentary on Banksy and Shepard Fairey and decided that he could do art like that too. Changed everything for me! This dude just combined their styles and claimed it as his own. Not to mention he's rich so he can afford to buy cop cars, 100's of t.v.'s, and enough books and stuffed animals to fill two huge rooms.
He should move to china cuz he's a mo'f'n knock off artist!!!!!

transworld awards

So we went to the Transworld Skateboarding Awards show/video premiere last friday and as usual it was amazing (the video). The line to get in was brutal (1700 skaters) and if it weren't for my man E. Stricker we would've been screwed. After getting us our invites, he saw that an hour later we still hadn't moved from the same spot in line and ushered us up to the vip red carpet entrance, which, was awesome. Ended up getting a sick coffee table book on some of skateboardings historic and epic moments. The awards show is always a sight to be seen; a bunch of drunk skaters given a microphone and expected to say something monumental about how stoked they are to receive the hardest slam award. Lots of haircuts too, it was like the hipster/skater Vidal Sassoon catalog. The after-party was dj'd by none other than crunky crunkerson himself Lil Jon (YEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH). 
Basically the whole night can be summed up by Richie Jacksons shirt (bottom pic); epic, tragic, fully flared, and a huge party with lots of hair. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Fathers day is always kind of weird for me. I guess since my dad and grandfather died its more like memorial day. It's definately gotten way easier but it's still hard to be reminded of the pain that my family went through during the last few years. I try and reverse that and use it as  a day to remember all the good times and what not, but that just makes me miss them more. Shit, I wasn't trying to be a downer! What I really wanted to say is that I'm so lucky to have been welcomed into the Lobit family so warmly and I really do feel like I have a home away from home. I wish both families could've been together but it was still a great day and I love you all!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Back in Action

Got the digi cam back from repair. I fucking love it! now all these pics will be siiiiiiiiick!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Went to Lawrence this weekend for Nish-Fest 08 (Johns 40th b-day). it was pretty epic got to see Lil-A (flag shorts) gettin crazy, and throw some fireworks into the bonfire which is always fun. Hit up Mass st. for some down home drinkin at Louises, Replay, and Taproom with Indiot.
Skated the Lawrence park (best miniramp ever) and bought a ton of shit from all the shops and restaurants that i miss. Over-all just good to get out of LA and be mellow and drive with the sunroof open at night in the country. Beans loved it too cuz there's grass everywhere! And even though i wanted to see a rad thunderstorm the whole time i was there (I miss those) we didn't get it till we were trying to take off to leave, which delayed us 3 HOURS!