Saturday, May 31, 2008

My two little babies

Nicole Ritchie Childrens Health Fund event

Alana's company Signorelli did an event with Nicole Ritchie and Childrens Health Fund to raise money and awareness and launch signorelli's new line for CHF. And I got some sweat cufflinks from the gift bag!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Even birds can be hippies

An Englishman named French

My friend french from London does amazing artwork and is just an amazing person in general. He's done work for almost everyone in the skate industry (Vans, Zero, Heroin, etc.) as well as gallery's all over the world. Check him out at or

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Check it out:
more to come soon.

Maybe if you put a skull on it.......?

sooooooooooooo sick of fucking skulls!!! Why is nothing cool/marketable/new/etc. unless it has a fucking skull on it! Not that I am not a victim myself (maybe they really are just THAT appealing) I have been known to rock various items involving skulls. I guess being in an industry like this (and at a company that uses them on EVERYTHING) I see it/use it more, but damn.........I mean really, damn.
p.s. I do like the skull cufflinks tho-hahahahahaa


sneaker freaker

I'm a total fucking girl when it comes to shoes. Here are some of the latest to either drain the funds or actually get me to save money. The top ones are the new Nike "Air Yeezey" kanye models coming out soon. A cross between Jordan's/back to the future self lacers/and Ato's (middle pic)

avoid farts in style

Don't know why but I gotta get these


This website called is pretty sweet. Its basically an image bank but with no restrictions/fees/management. You can upload, save images you like, and follow links to where the images were taken from. Pretty cool for the visually inclined.

Mac nerd

Fucking apple man..... I can't get enough and they keep coming out with cooler and cooler shit.
Take the Mac Tablet (top 2), its basically a touch screen laptop that docks into your iMac desktop, syncs, transfers files, etc., and then you just pop it out and take it with you if you need to. Then theres the iPhone mini, with flip screen that acts as a protective cover when folded and an lcd keypad when flipped down. The Keyboard Touch isn't quite as gadgety but still pretty fucking awesome. You can change its settings to adapt to whatever program your using and the keys will change to show tools/key commands for that program/game/etc.
When will it stop!!!!! My wallet can't take this!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good ideas and buys/ inspiration

the top is, tons of fashion ideas and great buys online. And at the risk of sounding like a total fat boy, the bottom one - - is fucking amazing for recipes and some of the best food i've ever made myself. Check 'em

More pics

I also like being able to capture someone at a particular emotion or expression. Sometimes you never see it again.

I'm trying to get back into taking pictures

I've always loved capturing moments visually, whether it be painting, sketching, or photography, there's something about being able to encapsule a moment in time or thought that I'm drawn to. With photography I especially like how you can manipulate whats in front of you in real life and turn it into something else on film.


This is my sidekick Beans. He's pretty much the raddest lil fucker there ever was. 
This is my first joke tattoo. I have become fond of joke tattoos over the years as regular ones are just getting way to normal. the next one will probably be a violin and bow on my thumb and index fingers, or maybe i'll move away from the finger area, we'll see.